The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large. - Confucius

Mana is a unique smart device that streams art and inspiration into your home. With the accompanying smartphone app, Mana can be customized to display a variety of content such as inspirational quotes, poetry, art, affirmations, facts, and more, even your personal quotes and photos.

Mana makes use of low-power display technology based on e-paper from E-Ink (E-Ink Spectra with Red, Black and White colors). Similar to printed paper, e-paper reflects ambient light rather than emitting it. This allows Mana to blend in with your home décor without being distracting.

Mana is truly wireless and can be placed anywhere thanks to its rechargeable battery with a six-month battery life. Once set up, Mana works on its own and shows new inspirational quotes every few hours on the topics of your choice. Mana also includes a touch interface that allows you to browse the quotes on the device or see more information on the topic. You can update your choices anywhere and anytime by going back to the app.

Mana’s outer body and packaging are plastic-free and built entirely from wood and recycled wooden materials. The wood is sourced from sustainably cultivated and harvested farms, encouraging farmers to plant more trees.

Mana is the flagship product from Livekraft, the idea for which was born from the experiences of its founder Puneet Suvarna during his time as a PhD student in New York, when he felt the need to be connected to the topics of his inspiration free from other distractions.

Livekraft is a product design company with its headquarters in Bangalore, India. Their mission is to make your everyday memorable: fill it with joy, wonder, beauty, and creativity.

Story behind Mana

I first had the idea for Mana while pursuing my PhD. I imagined a device that would quietly hang on my wall, keeping me connected to the things I loved and valued. I searched for such a device for many years but found no one interested in creating it. After completing my PhD and spending some time in the industry, I decided to quit my job and build it myself. Mana is exactly what I envisioned: a device that helps you stay connected to what you value most while infusing your surroundings with life, creativity, and inspiration.

– Puneet , creator of Mana