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Notes on the type of screen 

Mana uses a special ultra low power, electronic paper based screen with black white and red colored pigments. The normal operating mode is black and white (~1s refresh). Rendering in red color takes upto 20 seconds with the screen refreshing multiple times to be able to collect all the pigment and drive them to the correct pixels. Warning: Please note that some people may be sensitive to such a flicker and should not view the screen during a screen refresh. Once rendered, the screen stays the same and the device goes to sleep until the next refresh

Interaction: Single button operation using the external touch sensor O>

Navigation: A short touch takes you the next option in a menu, a long touch executes the currently selected option.

An ON/OFF switch is also provided on the side that may be used to start/restart the device to the main menu. 

A red/white LED provides instant feedback. Red for user touch and White when Mana is busy rendering the screen

Mana connects to a 2.4GHz home WiFi network to access the internet

Screen orientation can be changed in the Mana Settings Screen. Choose between Portrait / Landscape and flip it left or right.

The battery level can be seen when you enter the Settings screen. (does not update dynamically)

Mana is hand made in wood (no plastic !) and is not water resistant. It is advised to keep it away from sources of moisture and dust.

WiFi Setup

One time Setup  (slightly cumbersome)

Download the Kraftlore app on your phone from the app store (Android / iOS) and Login  (Recommended: update your user profile in the last tab)

Connect your phone to the home WiFi Network and keep location/GPS ON (Needed only once during Mana WiFi config for network discovery)

1) On Kraftlore goto the devices tab >> add new device >>  Mana WiFi Config

2) On your Mana navigate to ◉> Settings screen ◉> WiFi Config

3) Enter the details into the app and press Capture device

4) Now on Mana use short touch once, this will select the “WiFi Config” option under the “Scene options”. Then do a long touch to execute the capture and wait.

5) Did not work the first time ? Exit the app and repeat steps 1-4.

 If this still does not work after a few tries. There is a backup scheme available: labelled as SoftAP (instructions pending)

Content selection

Once you have a Mana showing up on the devices tab in Kraftlore, you may now fix up a schedule for it by attaching four scrolls (one each for morn, aft, eve and night).

1) Go to the first tab of the app and open any scroll, 2) click the ‘attach to device’ icon, this will take you to the devices page, where you can 3) click on any timeslot and click on the scroll presently assigned there. 

4) Once you have set up a content schedule for all four timeslots, you can ask Mana to sync to this.  o> Main Menu o> View Scrolls o> Update Scrolls

Wait for a few seconds for Mana to download some pages from the scrolls you’ve chosen in the Kraftlore app

This concludes the Mana Setup, You can now browse these scrolls on the device and when left alone Mana will automatically show you new quotes every few hours based on your the content schedule. 

Create your own Scroll

Have a philosophy you live by ? Why not put Mana to the task ?

To create your own scroll 

1) Navigate to the create scrolls tab (4th tab), add a cover image, a title and description and then press ‘Create Scroll’

2) Goto the first tab / main page of the app and press the refresh button in the bottom, you should now see your Scroll listed under “Scrolls created by you”

3) Open the scroll and you can now add Quotes, images or both . (scrolls with only quotes and no images are easiest to maintain)

4) The quotes page allows you to add quotes, edit quotes, delete quotes and is very versatile, but the add images option is a little tricky since it only allows you to add images and not delete them. You can however delete the whole scroll (using the red bin icon) and start over. Any caption you add along with each image shows up as a quote attached to that exact image on Mana.

5) Once your scroll is ready, you can attach the scroll to your device (on any timeslot)

Note: The cover image from step 1) only appears in the app and not on Mana

User Profile

Navigate to the last tab on Kraftlore and then click on Account

Here you can customize your user profile image, name and description 

If you’d like to permanently delete your account and data from the Kraftlore app, use the ‘Delete Account’ button and choose ‘Yes’

For any assistance you can reach us at

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