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Introducing Mana

An innovative gadget that keeps you connected to the things that you love and value.​


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Mana is a first-of-its-kind device that streams art and inspiration into your living space. Configure Mana, by connecting it to your home Wi-Fi using the companion smartphone app (iOS & Android). Select from a variety of curated content-streams, including quotes, philosophy, inspirational sayings, Haiku, poetry, art, humor, knowledge, culture, and more. Mana automatically updates four times a day (mor-aft-eve-nig), showing you scenes from your chosen topics.

In Polynesian and Melanesian culture ‘mana’ is one’s source of power; a combination of presence, wisdom, charisma, prestige, dignity, honor, and spiritual energy. All humans and many elements in nature possess mana. One acquires mana by the performance of right actions and by treating people and the environment with respect.

In Sanskrit, Mana or Manas means ‘mind’, from the root word ‘man’ which means ‘to think’.

Words are instruments of power. For millennia our ancestors have transmitted the best of their wisdom in the form of quotes, proverbs, poetry and literature. Today the frantic pace of our modern lives, leaves us with little time to reflect on these profound truths. In the words of the Nathan Algren from the last Samurai.. “Necessary? What could be more necessary ?”

Place your Mana anywhere in your living space (where you have Wi-Fi). Customize using our smartphone app by choosing content that inspires you. Mana automatically refreshes its display four times everyday to show you scenes from your chosen topics. You can go back to the app anytime to change over to new topics.

Text and images in black and white, and an additional color (red) for emphasis. Mana uses a specially designed e-paper screen (similar to e-book readers). This technology’s features such as ultra-low power consumption, ultra wide viewing angle and natural non-emissive display capability allow it to blend seamlessly with the ambience of your home, without being distracting

Just like the body needs food to grow, the human mind finds nourishment from thought, ideas and imagination. Bring the sources of your inspiration into your living space to kindle your creativity and power you through your day !

While most digital devices are built to distract and ensnare your attention. Mana functions differently, It sits quietly in the background infusing vibrancy and dynamism into your living space, helping you break out of stagnant thought patterns and repetitive loops of everyday life.

  • Smartphone app to configure and choose content (iOS/Android) 
  • Screen shows new scenes every few hours
  • Touch input for manual browsing
  • Smart calendar
  • Ability to create and display personal content
  • Content dynamically adapts to landscape or portrait orientations
  • Natural looking epaper display (E Ink Spectra)
  • Wire-free: 6-month runtime on a single charge (via USB-C port)
  • 2.4GhZ Wi-Fi
  • Plastic free body made from wood
  • Real wood makes each piece unique


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